This magical picture book will inspire children to love reading. Imagination comes to life with these beautifully detailed illustrations and lyrical text. Children will escape to the worlds of carnivals, fairy queens, and knights in shining armour. The fantasy-filled illustrations will transport the whole family beyond the story, leaving them wanting to read even more books.

Review from Canadian Materials, Dec, 2011

Treasures to Find is a story about the wonders that are offered to children when they open a book. There are so many different possibilities and adventures that can be experienced once they begin to read. They will discover they can read for pleasure, about fairies, pirates or wizards. They will also realize that reading books will help them learn about new things that will answer the question "why".

Will it be about
hills to climb,
treasures to find,
fiddles, stories and songs,

a fearless young knight
riding brave to the fight,
or a lion, proud and strong.

The full page illustrations, done by the author, are beautiful, colorfully detailed, and encompass the meaning of the text on each page. The pictures are very realistic and "lifelike" – not cartoonish at all. They help to enhance the imagination and bring the story to life. The carefully selected words, with their rhyming text, are likely to stretch the vocabularies of young readers.


Lisa Case is an elementary/jr. high school librarian from Calgary, AB.