On Christmas Eve we were all together, sharing food and smiles, when someone asked me a question. “What would you like for Christmas?” I grinned at my family. Everyone stopped talking and waited for my answer. “Snow,” I said shyly, “I would like snow.” Dad grinned quietly at me and then asked, “Why do you want snow for Christmas?” I smiled. “I want snow, because snow brings stories.”

Doretta Groenendyk’s fourth book combines the whimsy and cheer of her vivid oil paints with the magic of a snowy Christmas to create this beautiful ode to storytelling. Prompted simply by her Christmas wish for snow, a child sits with her family, conjuring up their favourite snow-filled memories. From giant snowballs that race you down the hill to skiing off the roof, from snowmen goaltenders in pond hockey to caroling in a blizzard, each person’s memory prompts another, creating a heart-warming book that is perfect for sitting around the tree, telling stories, while the snow falls outside.