It has been said that there are more than twenty-three shades of green in a Prince Edward Island landscape. Brent MacLaine's newest collection of poetry registers these modulations of tone and hue with an intense visual sensibility. And whether emerging from the local landscapes of memory or the present-day streetscapes of Manhattan, these poems, at once personal and speculative, casual and formal, record the poet's attempt to seize the chromatic complexity of experience.

"Brent MacLaine writes with a painter's eye, a lyricist's heart, and a veteran craftsman's hand. This collection reveals his impressive versatility with respect to both poetic form and subject matter, yet there's a unity of vision here. Whether he's writing about farming, waterfalls, rasping crows or japing jays or braking bolts or locking springs -- whether he's unpacking blue or imagining the "green/and watery space" that "all lovers need," MacLaine exudes a poetic wisdom and, ultimately, a celebration of life. These are accomplished poems hewn with rigour, elegance, and wit, from the red soil of his homeland."

-- Jeanette Lynes, Author of It's Hard Being Queen: The Dusty Springfield Poems

"MacLaine has the knack of memorable phrasing and a talent for strong, glyptic imagery that leaves a complex backscatter in the mind, as sense of something taut, integral and definitive."

-- David Solway, Director's Cut