A sex goddess searches to get her groove back

If I had been asked, back before it was too late, "Are you willing to trade your fabulous sex life for a baby? A gorgeous, lovable baby?" I would have said no.

I read the books. Was I the only innocent who believed that I might have an orgasmic childbirth and that sex after childbirth was only a matter of creative scheduling?

After she had a baby at 39, Kathleen Hamilton's sexual desire dove overnight from, "Honey, can we please have sex tonight, I've got a headache?" to nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

It was an identity crisis. Plus, it was no fun at all.

None of the books and articles Kathleen could find came close to explaining why she lost her libido, or how or when she might find it again. No one around Kathleen talked openly about her experience balancing sex and motherhood - until Kathleen asked.

Funny, frank, political, and poignant, Sex After Baby: Why There Is None is Kathleen's quest to bring the surprise triple orgasm back into her life. Along the way, the book reveals how Kathleen's questions about sex after baby - among her friends and neighbours and favourite books - brought her new, unexpected understanding of women's sexuality and women's lives.