It’s lobster season at The Shores, a fishing village isolated from The Island in a storm surge. Parker, a collector of antiquities, has moved there with his partner Guillaume, a chef just out of rehab. “Hy” McAllister, a website writer looking for lobster recipes for a client’s newsletter, also needs a speaker for her Women’s Institute meeting. Enter Camilla, founder of the Lobster Liberation Legion, spouting crustacean right-to-life rhetoric. The legion starts freeing lobsters from their traps, angering the villagers and the man who runs Parker’s fisheries empire. In the tragic events that follow, the hidden connection between Parker, Guillaume and Camilla reveals itself.

Advance Praise for Revenge of the Lobster Lover:

“Once Revenge of the Lobster Lover gets its claws into you, you won’t put it down. And why would you want to? This novel is full of colourful characters, creepy crustaceans and complex criminality. It’s suspenseful, yet often laugh-out-loud funny. This is not your Anne of Green Gables PEI.”

- Mary Jane Maffini, author of Law & Disorder and Closet Confidential

“With eccentric characters and page-turning action, Hilary Macleod’s novel blends violence, dark humour and tenderness. A delightful read!”

- Beth Powning, author of The Sea Captain’s Wife

“A mystery novel that is not only compelling and imaginative, but funny, cheeky and even naughty all at the same time.”

- Paul Castle, host of Shift, CBC New Brunswick

“Hilary MacLeod is a terrific writer with sly wit.”

- Anne Emery, author of Sign of the Cross