Who is your kindred spirit? Who kindles the fire in your soul?

Driven by curiosity about her own intense friendships and soul-to-soul connections, Dianne Hicks Morrow devoted the last 10 years to asking Atlantic Canadians these questions.

In Kindred Spirits, people as diverse as composer Norman Campbell, lyricist Elaine Campbell, country doctor Jim Bowen, author Sheree Fitch, photographer Freeman Patterson, comedian dentist Marina Sexton, theatre director Duncan McIntosh, minister Elizabeth Stevenson, university president Wade MacLauchlan, and actor Deb Allen reveal their passionate connections to the people, places, and animals that inspire their deepest trust, their most intimate contact, and their unconditional love.

Kindred Spirits explores all aspects of that kindred-spirit relationship, whether from across a room in a shared home or across great time and distance, in voices and perspectives as diverse as the people in this book.

"A friend will help you fix your septic tank. A kindred spirit fuels your tank."
— Maitland MacIsaac