Now a Christmas tradition, bestselling author David Weale invokes the spirit of Christmas past and present in this collection of 17 stories about Christmas on Prince Edward Island. In some homes, the book comes out with the Christmas decorations!

We cling to the memory of a time when the earth, and everything in it, seemed illuminated from within; when a raisin, a nut, or a piece of hard candy were aspects of eternity; and when imagination was so powerful that there were sleigh-bells in the sky and hoof-beats on the roof. I harbour the secret hope every Christmas that, at some gift-wrapped moment during the holiday season, there will be some sight, or sound, or perhaps some smell, that will open up for me the memory of my childhood Christmases. It is the wish that, for just one moment, I might once again be waiting for Santa Claus. There was hope triumphant in that waiting, and a child's faith in the essential goodness of things.

— From "The Little Christmas Man"

An Island Christmas Reader includes the story "The True Meaning of Crumbfest," which is also published as achildren's book by Acorn Press and was the basis of a popular Cellar Door/Catalyst Productions animated show on the TELETOON network.

The Christmas Reader was the first book lovingly selected and produced by The Acorn Press. Its success helped ensure that the Press would grow and continue to produce quality Prince Edward Island titles.