Each of Judy Gaudet's poems is a path to somewhere resonant, redolent of memories and anticipations both bittersweet and beautiful. She traces the paths the mind and body take purposefully as well as those they happen upon by chance or consequence. The poems light on home and history, travel afar, return again. They are marked by the toughness of wholly looking and experiencing and are leavened by wry humour and true gratitude for the beauty and magic that touch the earth's days -- and our human ones.

"Within the pages of Judy Gaudet's first full collection are fresh insights into the poet's PEI: the natural world, family, ancestors, and friends. This is a large book."

-- Joseph Sherman, author of
Worried Into Being: An Unfinished Alphabet

"This is the genuine article. A fresh and original voice unabashed in its honest reactions to the world as she sees it and uncompromising in her demands upon it. Witty and perceptive, these poems are shaped with large hands, a hungry heart, and an astonishing set of eyes."

-- Hugh MacDonald, author of
Cold Against the Heart

"Her poetry is enriched by her island heritage and her relationships with children, friends, and family. . . . Gaudet's long poem, 'Millie' is brimming with the particulars of island life, the cadences of community speech, the turn of the seasons, and the 'tracks on paper, / tracks in each other's thoughts, that grow ripe in the summer sun.' . . . Gaudet's poems offer readers a rich brew that comes from long simmering."

-- Lorri Neilsen Glenn
Atlantic Books Today