It’s the start of another school year and Bubba Begonia and his wacky classmates can’t wait. But when they get to school, everything is topsyturvy. Mr. Zitmeister, their principal, has become the school janitor, and their favourite teacher, Miss Pimple, is the cook in the cafeteria.

What in the world is going on? And what does their new teacher, Miss Whackenbash, have to do with it?

Miss Whackenbash seems to have appeared out of nowhere and now she’s running the show. She’s loud and mean, and gives the students so much homework they have to stay up all night to do it. Plus, she makes Bubba so nervous that his old problem comes back: every time he sees her, his fingers fly up his nose!

Bubba and his friends set out to get rid of Miss Whackenbash, and get their school back to normal. Along the way, they enlist the help of the mayor, the police chief, and a world champion boxer. But in the end, it’s Bubba’s bubbly little sister Becky who saves the day.

This is the third book in the Bubba series, following Bubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry! and Bubba Begonia and the Mudmen of the Koola Boola.

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