Little did organizers know when they planted the seed 15 years ago that the Literary Awards would reap such a bountiful harvest.

This collection of over 35 first-prize short stories, poetry, and writing for children represents the best new writing in Prince Edward Island. Readers will recognize several of the names --people who have gone on to be published or produced --including Rai Berzins, Lesley-Anne Bourne, Judy Gaudet, Elaine Hammond, Hugh MacDonald, Brent MacLaine, Steve McOrmond, Dianne Hicks Morrow, Melissa Mullen, Libby Oughton, and Nancy Russell.

The anthology includes works from:

  • Michael Allen
  • Maud E Anschutz
  • Lesley-Anne Bourne
  • Andrew Rai Berzins
  • Elaine Breault Hammond
  • Sid Clay
  • Orysia Dawydiak
  • Matthew Dorrell
  • Paul Gallant
  • Judy Gaudet
  • Louis Groarke
  • Charles Gregory
  • David Hickey
  • Anna Hopkins
  • Jane Ledwell
  • Geoffrey Lindsay
  • Hugh MacDonald
  • Brent MacLaine
  • Douglas Malcolm
  • Derek Martin
  • Steve McOrmond
  • Dianne Hicks Morrow
  • Melissa Mullen
  • Gerry O'Brien
  • Chanda Pinsent
  • Beverley Roach
  • Riada Roch
  • Nancy Russell
  • Steve Sharratt
  • Laurel Smyth
  • Jane Spalding-Jamieson
  • Brian Stevens
  • Lise Tubman
  • Ivy Wigmore