Beyond Silence: Voices of Childhood Sexual Abuse is a collection of stories, poems, and images by fourteen Island women. In these deeply personal accounts, the women tell about the abuse they suffered as children, the profound effect it has had on their lives, and the reasons why people need to join the fight to stop it. A prevention chapter, written by the  group as a whole, focuses on five key areas that need to be addressed in order to end child sexual abuse. These include abusers taking responsibility for their actions and parents taking action to protect their children.

Beyond Silence takes a fresh approach to the ongoing work of childhood sexual abuse prevention by focusing on the knowledge and wisdom of adult survivors, and has the potential to dramatically change the ways communities respond to childhood sexual abuse. The stories are raw and real, honest and terrifying. The women dig into the darkness of the past so that others may see the light. They refuse to be silenced and they’re determined to make a difference.